Cat holton safety boots sale

Safety boots the nemesis of most traders, most used and thrown away after a few months battered, bruised and uncomfortable. Then comes along the caterpillar Holton SB boot versatile solid as a rock and built to last whatever situation is thrown at it. Described as engineered durability, this is really the supercar amongst the safety boots on the market. This safety boot is made with hardwearing leather exterior, water resistant and of superior flexibility. Literally “out of the box” wearing capability with minimal breaking-in required. This boot has the strength of a lion and flexibility of an athlete. They are extremely comfortable boots with a mesh inner material with a wide fitting suitable for any trader. They can be placed in a stone pizza oven waiting to heat up and still come out without a scratch due to its heat resistance of 300c. You can really walk on hot coals thinking you are on an ice rink.  The high specification of this CAT Holton SB safety boot is really remarkable the boot itself incorporates numerous safety features. In addition to the steel toe capping you have midsole protection which is a nail plate to prevent penetration from sharp objects such as nails getting through to your foot. The sole is anti-static to protect against static build up in your work environment furthermore the boot is resistant to oil and heat plus due to the clever design of this product the outside tread will give increased grip on wet or dry surfaces. We cannot stress enough how comfortable this boot is with the weight of it being only 2.5 kg and an high heel pad to wrap around your ankle like a warm scarf around your neck.

Due to its water resistant exterior this SB safety boot is ready for indoor as well as outdoor work where the risk of crush injuries and sharp objects do not phase this boot. Ideal for anyone in the trade from gardeners to road maintenance workers builder to carpenters this is really the first class ticket. Now available at Workwear Wardrobe smashing the competition with our price of £55 pounds online and zero vat compared to the average rrp of £69.99 zero vat that’s an mind-blowing 23% saving for a limited time only so place your order and protect your feet in a safe, stylish and practical way.  Buy it today Honey: