Heavy Duty Work Socks

Workwear Wardrobe understands that keeping your feet safe doesn’t just mean having a good strong pair of work boots with the top safety spec. It may not matter how tough the boot is, the fact remains, our feet are a pair of softies! They need a lot of looking after, particularly after a long hard days graft on site.


Here are some self care tips to keep your feet jumping for joy;


  • Wash them daily

Be sure to use warm soapy water and avoid soaking them as this could affect the bodies natural skin oils.


  • Dry them thoroughly

Be sure to dry your feet properly, especially between the toes where the dreaded athletes foot often occurs.


  • Moisturise them and file down those tough bits

Moisturising is particularly important for dry skin, however avoid moisturising between the toes. It is also good to gently file down any tough skin a little so it is not causing discomfort.

(If you are diabetic – please see a podiatrist prior to this)


  • Cut them nails, don’t hammer them!

Long toe nails take a hammering in steel toe cap or metal free safety footwear, so be sure to trim them down often using nail clippers. Cut them straight across, to avoid any ingrown.


  • Change those Work Socks

Keep your feet fresh and prevent those lingering odours by changing your work socks daily.


Painful feet should not be a daily thing to endure. If you suffer from painful feet, try change over to some comfortable safety footwear, add comfortable insoles and if still troublesome, seek medical advice.