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Electrostatic discharge can cause all sorts of interesting effects, but when it comes to static protection at work, it becomes a matter of protecting the safety of both the worker and their equipment. Static charges can cause many issues, including fatal explosions resulting from electrostatic discharges. Humans often don't feel electric shocks at lower voltages, however, these undetectable discharges can cause irreparable damage to electronics. As our industries and technologies advance the importance of anti-static PPE is only increasing.

What Is Static Charge?

Static charge is easiest to think of as a kind of imbalance on the surface of a material, where the electric charge is either positive or negative. The repeated contact of two items, for example, a balloon and your hair, can cause electrons to move from one to the other resulting in a positive or negative electric charge for both of the surfaces. However, contact is not the only way in which a surface becomes statically charged.

What Leads to a Build-Up of Static Charge in Present Day Industries?

Electrostatic discharge is far more common in nowadays industrial environments for two main reasons: Increased use of man-made equipment such as plastic, which holds the static charge for longer periods of time Air conditioning and dry air heating means that humidity levels are reduced, exacerbating static electricity.

What Is Electrostatic Discharge?

If two statically charged objects, one negative and one positive, come into contact then this can result in a sudden flow of electricity between them. This flow of electricity is electrostatic discharge, which can result in something as large-scale as lightening to something as small-scale as an entirely silent and invisible discharge.

What Is the Difference Between Electric Discharge and an Electrical Arc?

For clarification, it's worth noting that electrostatic discharge can create, but doesn't necessarily need to create, an electrical arc. as an example, lightning is both an electrostatic discharge and an electrical arc. However, some electrostatic discharges are gradual, invisible and continuous, and in these cases, an arc flash doesn't occur.

What Are the Risks of Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge can result in three important negative consequences: Risk of Bodily Harm If a machine operator receives a shock from the merchandise they're working with they'll suffer from the pain of the shock, and it'd easily throw them off balance leading to further injury. Simply standing within the field of force of a charged object may result in this effect. If a machine does cause an electrical shock it must be shifted for an inspection, which ends up in wasted time and productivity. Risk of Damaging Electronics Even in cases where the voltage of the electrostatic discharge is extremely low, products like circuit boards and microchips may be irreparably damaged by electrical overstress. Risk of Explosion A tiny spark caused by little electrostatic discharge can easily function as an ignition source in combustible environments. These explosions may be extremely dramatic and have resulted in industrial tragedies like the events occurring in an exceeding grain silo within the Southwest of France and a paint plant in Thailand.

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They say safety doesn't come cheap..... Well it does here at Workwear Wardrobe! See our fantastic £29.99 Safety Footwear Range


£29.99 Safety Footwear Range

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Embroidered hoodies pack offer

Here at Workwear Wardrobe we understand that businesses or workers in the trade always need to have that professional image which helps them gain customer’s trust, respect and business. 

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Workwear in Birmingham

Since we first opened our trade counter to the public in 2012, our Birmingham based Workwear Wardrobe store has been serving local and national businesses with their workwear and PPE requirements.

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 Mens Work Trousers

We all know work trousers are by far the most important part of everybody’s workwear wardrobe. This essential piece of work clothing comes in various styles, colours and brands. There are so many different types of work trousers available, that it can be a nightmare to just find the right ones!

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Timberland SplitRock Safety boots


Whether for safety footwear, workwear or casual clothing, the Timberland brand is the epitome of quality, durability and style. The Timberland Split Rock Pro Safety Boot is by far one of our most popular safety boots in our Safety Footwear range.

Stylish, comfortable and a high quality work boot, they boast the following features: 

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embroidered workwear

Embroidered Polo Shirts - Our Pack Offers

Here at Workwear Wardrobe we understand that businesses or workers in the trade always need to have that professional image to can help them gain customer’s trust, respect and business. 

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New Work Unifrom

Ready to renew your companies Workwear/PPE?

Many companies are faced with the task of procuring quality Workwear and PPE  whilst keeping a close eye on their budget. This is where Workwear Wardrobe can help. We work along side our clients to build their Uniform portfolio to meet their requirements and budgets. So each portfolio is unique, just like our customers.

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