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Bull ViralOff Anti Viral Anti Bacterial Snood Face Covering | Grey

Quick Overview

The Bull ViralOff® Snood is an easy to wear, comfortable face covering boasting a tried and tested anti-viral, anti-bacterial coating protecting the material. With the current pandemic and climate, we bring to you a face covering with a fighting chance.

The coating shows a 99% reduction of many different viruses, on a treated material, within 2 hours. The material used has stretch for added comfort and a soft feel, making this, unlike many other masks, a joy to wear. These are made right here in the UK and £1 from the sale of each face covering through our website will be donated to charity.

For convenience these snoods can be worn comfortably around the neck and pulled up when needed, saving the hassle of having to put on a face mask constantly. 

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The Bull ViralOff® Snood

Fabric composition: 96% rayon, 4% Spandex, 170 GSM

Anti-Viral coating: ViralOff® by Polygiene


How does it work?
ViralOff shows a 99% reduction of many different viruses, on a treated material, within 2 hours. It is shown by test ISO18184:2019, on two different Influenza A strains, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) and ATCC VR-1469 (H1N1), also on SARS-CoV-2.

Can we do any healthcare claims?
No, we don’t make any health claims. This is for the protection of the treated product. If, when and how this also is beneficial for the user depends on many other things. For instance, a face mask will never stop viruses from going through it, but we can ensure viruses don’t live in and on it for long. Does this mean in any way that we can say you stay healthy? Of course not. Can we say it is a protection for the mask itself? Yes! And it will make your mask last longer too.

Care and Washing:

How long can I wear the mask without washing?
In theory you can wear the mask indefinitely; In practice you may want to wash it at the end of
every 7 days of use. There is no reason why you couldn’t wear it for 1 month for normal
domestic and social use.

Why can I wear it so long without washing?
The face mask/snood has been treated with 3 technologies to prevent the growth of bacteria, eliminate
viruses and prevent general usage odour from becoming trapped on the mask.

So if the mask is self-sanitising / and does not smell then there is really no need to wash it?
When should I wash it?
We recommend washing only when necessary to preserve the maximum performance of the Viraloff finish.
This may be when there is physical dirt on the mask such as food stains.

Why should I avoid washing?
To maintain maximum effectiveness of the Viraloff finish which is reduced slightly
(99% - 89% after 15 washes).  Avoiding washing also saves you time and money as well as being
better for the environment as you use less water, electricity and detergent.

How should I wash it?
The mask can be machine washed at 30-40 degrees with normal detergent just as you would most clothes
BUT again we recommend hand wash or spot clean to maintain maximum
performance of the Viraloff  function.

More Importantly
A face mask is only as good as the care you take handling it – Face masks are worn repeatedly
throughout the day for short periods and handled constantly – The biggest cause of infection
 is auto inoculation, the process whereby you touch your mouth having touched an infected surface.
Face mask/coverings greatly reduce the chance of this over an untreated face mask as the textiles are
constantly self-sanitising to give you a mask that is 99% virus free within a 2 hour time frame.

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